6 Dangerous Mobile Phone Habits You Should Avoid Doing

Don’t let your mobile phones be your biggest vice.

We love our phones, right? We can’t live without one especially in the modern days where everything involves smartphones and the internet. Mobile phones have brought us so far with so many conveniences in our daily lives, such as keeping connected with people, catching up with work, keeping yourself updated to the latest current events and many more. But a lot of advantages has it’s disadvantages and consequences. Strangely, there are people that have been carried away when it comes to mobile phones where it consumes them. Here are some bad and dangerous mobile phone habits you should be avoiding, and if you are guilty of one of them, then maybe it’s time to self-reflect:

You prioritize your phone first before anything
Let’s face it; every time we wake up from a nap or sleep, the first thing that you’ll grab is your phone. Whether you’re checking your messages, e-mails or social media, being on your phone is your priority so it’s by nature that you’re co-dependent on your phone, whether it’s a habit or for work.

Texting or checking your phone while doing anything
We get it, the virtual life is much more interesting but you don’t have to check it every minute especially while you’re doing something. There are numerous reports of accidents happened due to texting while driving, and now the latest craze is to Snapchat while driving. Always check your phone when you’re not doing anything, your car isn’t moving and also, please be aware of your surroundings.

Checking your phone while in the middle of a conversation or meetings
Your mates are out with you to enjoy your companionship, not to see you scrolling your phone as it clearly sends a message that you are not interested in what the speaker has to say. Not only this habit is disrespectful and rude, but you have compromised your integrity and will not be taken seriously the next time you have something of importance to say.

Answering your phone without being aware of your surroundings
There are places and time that are suitable to answer your phone, but some places forbids you to because of safety measures or out of respect like in a mosque, church or funerals. Take it as a lesson learned as a Malaysian woman was burnt 60% of her body due to her phone exploded and caught fire because she answered her phone while refueling her car.

Letting your anger leach out into the virtual world
There’s a reason why they say to take a step back and take a breather whenever you’re emotionally riled up. But nowadays, a lot of people tend to lash out their anger on doing something foolish like ranting out on their social media accounts, which can mostly result to negative feedback. If you’re unlucky, your rant will turn viral. So, take a deep breath, put down your phone and re-think your rant whether it’s worth it for the whole world to see.

Texting, Tweeting, Instagram-ing and Snapchat-ing while you’re drunk
Long gone are the days when the only witnesses to your intoxicated shenanigans are your mates and bar patrons. Thanks to technology, our drunk self sometimes takes the best of us with slobbering calls, ghastly typing skills and loud “wooo!” on our Snapchat videos. Alcohol and mobile devices don’t mix.