Vanity Trove

It’s the beauty box where you get to choose what you want in it!

We are spoilt with an endless selection of beauty products these days, and more often than not, beauty junkies like us just want to try (almost) everything. Unfortunately, beauty doesn’t come cheap; we definitely can’t buy and try every single full-sized retail item.


Thankfully, there are these glorious inventions called beauty boxes. In Vanity Trove’s case, they call it trovesand the beauty of them is that they allow you to pick the items you want from a specially crafted selection based on your beauty profile.


Upon signing up, the website will take you through a couple of questions to get to know your skin and hair needs (e.g. oily/dry/sensitive/etc), thus filtering the selection to only the products that are more beneficial for solving your beauty dilemmas.


But Vanity Trove is more than just a beauty box subscription website; it’s a community where your fellow beautyholics are on the same journey of discovering the perfect goodies. Curious of a certain serum or eyeliner? Search it up and you’ll find the info you’ll need; including reviews from other members.


We think it’s basically like Facebook, except filled with much more beauty stuff ;)

For more info, visit or check out their FB page



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