17 Planners you need to get right now for 2017

Because let’s be honest, there’s only so much a phone calendar can do.

Photo: audreyandangus.com

Photo: audreyandangus.com

The New Year is upon us, so you know what that means! Before going ahead to make your resolutions for the year of the Rooster, may I suggest getting yourself a handy diary first?

Yes, I’m guilty of being one of those girls who relies too much on her planner. I carry it around with me everywhere I go as it not only contains information about my work; it helps me keep track of my personal to-do lists and serves as a reminder for important dates. I pride myself in organising my life down to the time and date of everything that I’d literally crumble to pieces if my dear planner goes missing one day.

I’m also a person who’s big on colour, hence why ordinary planners don’t make the cut for me. The prettier the diary, the higher the odds of me (being the girly girl I am) getting it. Which is why I usually start my hunt for planners around the month of October; this is so that I have just the right amount of time to complete my research and narrow down the one I think suits my personality best.

So if you’re like me and still in the midst of purchasing your 2017 planner, then look no further cos I’ve got you covered! Here are my picks of journals that are bound to make you feel like you can take on just about anything when you’ve gotten your thoughts down in paper organised.


2017 Dream Planner in Lavender Purple or Royal White, RM189


2017 Buffalo Diaries, from RM15


All Year Round Journal, RM35


2017 MD Pocket Diary A6, RM62.90

Pebble Paper Design

Pink Lady or Modern Cinderella 2017 Planner, RM89.90


MARK’s 2017 Navy Blue Diary Planner A5 Size, RM195

JM Creations

Fauxdori Notebook, RM55



Personalised 2017 Planner Notebook, RM101.53


Pastel Saffiano Leather Notebook, from RM101.10


Yearly Planner or Goal Setter, RM80


Slim Nottee Bundle Journal Set, RM88


Starbucks Malaysia 2017 Planner, You’ll be able to redeem this planner once you’ve purchased 15 Starbucks Beverages (at least 3 needs to be a seasonal beverage) using a Starbucks Card.

Planner Malaysia

A5, A6 & A7 Planners with free 80 page lattice refill, from RM150


Weekly / Monthly Diary, from USD24.95

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