8 Places To Get the Coolest Temporary Tattoos in Malaysia

Zero commitment and fuss-free body art for the indecisive.

With celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Beyoncé and even fashion powerhouse, Tommy Hilfiger, flaunting the modernised old school trend all over social media and the runway, it seems like temporary tattoos aren’t going anywhere soon. Stick-on body art has been around for ages but with the latest chic and fashionable spin given to them, it has become a whole different matter! We can’t help but to fall back in love with this fun accessory that requires absolutely no commitment!

1. Habitatt



From typography to metallic and feminine to quirky, this homegrown online store that focuses solely on temporary tattoos has successfully revived the body art trend in Malaysia with their creative and unique designs that not only serve as the ultimate accessory, but also as great conversation starters!

Website: http://habitatt.co/

2. Lovisa



Spoiling us with choices, our favorite Australian accessory store definitely knows the way to our hearts. With plenty of designs to choose from, including plain black, silver and gold; unleash your creativity by mixing and matching them — or just wear it as it is!


Lovisa Pavilion KL

Lovisa NU Sentral

Lovisa Paradigm Mall

Lovisa Mid Valley

Lovisa Sunway Pyramid

Lovisa The Curve

Lovisa Empire Shopping Gallery

Lovisa Main Place Shopping Centre

Lovisa Setia City Mall

Lovisa City Square

3. Poppylab



Opening up the nation’s eyes and minds to accessorising, Poppylab provides not only one-of-a-kind jewelleries, but also a large collection of foil tattoos that allow you to decorate your skin for upcoming music festivals or even just for a casual brunch. You can never go wrong with these beautiful pieces!

Website: http://www.poppylab.com/

4. Shiny Happy People

shiny happy people


Beach-themed, Bohemian, Egyptian, or Henna-inspired, Shiny Happy People has it all! Forget the classic nail painting and hair braiding, these never-before-seen designs are bound to make your next girly slumber party an unforgettable one.

Website: http://shappytats.wix.com/shinyhappypeople

5. Zalora



Offering a wide variety of metallic flash tattoos in afforadable packs, Zalora is giving everyone the option to have it all! Whether you’re a lover of tribal or dainty designs, these statement body art can be found under the brand “Embellish”. Happy shopping!

Website: http://www.zalora.com.my/

6. Magic-I



If you’re not a fan of flashy, jewellery-esque body art and would much prefer temporary tattoos that look just like the real deal, try out the airbrush tattoo service at Magic-I. Zero pain, zero commitment and the best part is, it can last up to seven days!

Location: Magic-I Sunway Pyramid

7. That2Tattoo



Founded by two body art enthusiasts with the urge to get inked but were too afraid of the long-term commitment, That2Tattoo was created to allow everyone of all ages to experience the feeling of having a tattoo with an airbrush. While the company does not have a brick-and-mortar store, they do cater to parties and are occasionally spotted at bazaars around town.

Wesite: http://that2tattoo.wix.com/gallery

8. Dragonfly Tattoo

pinterest dragonflytatz


Known for their exquisite skills in body modifications, Dragonfly Tattoo also offers customisable airbrush tattoo services that are just as good as their permanent ones. Also providing their services for corporate events, Dragonfly Tattoo is one body art parlour you can count on!


Dragonfly Tattoo Mid Valley

Dragonfly Tattoo 1 Utama

Dragonfly Tattoo Publika


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