STUDY: Mothers Make the Best Shopping Partners

“Do I look fat in this dress?” If you want an honest answer, ask your mum.

It turns out that mothers really do know best, and they’d be sure to tell it to you straight, even if you love the dress that in reality doesn’t like you back. In a study done by The Chimes Shopping Centre in Uxbridge, West London, 70 per cent of the 2,000 women questioned ruled mums to be the most honest shopping partners.


Photo: Apollo Hotel Newcastle

You would most likely get an honest answer from your mother to the oh-so-tricky question of “Does my bum look big in this?” than your romantic partner or even your best friend. If it really doesn’t fit or suit you, mothers would definitely not stay mum on the matter (yes, the pun was intended).


Photo: LoverHug

However, being honest doesn’t get them the Most Favourite Shopping Partner award as the study found that BFFs were women’s favourite people to shop with at 22 per cent. Arguments were least likely to occur while out shopping with best friends, according to the votes.


Photo: Bad Online Dates

On the contrary, husbands and boyfriends were voted as the worst shopping partners as over half (56%) of the women believed their partner had probably told them that something looked good (when it might not have) just to get the shopping done with A.S.A.P.

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Source: The Daily Mail