Sex Tips From Around The World

Here are some tips from around the world that that might help you have fun with a bang (wink wink)!

1. Greece – Be open & assertive 

The Greeks are rated as one of the most sexually-satisfied in the world according to a survey conducted by Durex in 2012, and there’s a simple reason for that: they’re open! Take a tip from the citizens and don’t be shy to share your sexual fantasies with your guy. Tell him verbally or send him a cheeky message depicting what you’d like him to do to you, which will definitely make him hot under the collar! Then together make those fantasies come to life and don’t be afraid to stretch your imagination.

2. France – Age is not an issue 

Contrary to popular belief, your bedroom life doesn’t have to end once you hit a certain age. The Washington Post reported that a 2004 study showed 85 per cent of French women in their fifties and 73 per cent of women in their sixties were still sexually active. Plan a date night that involves something you might think you’re too ‘old’ for, and have fun doing it. Who knows, the date might end with fireworks.

3. Italy – Dine like royalty 

Three things Italians love: food, wine and sex! Certain foods can spark arousal, such as chocolate and asparagus; other foods can serve as tools for foreplay. A survey conducted by the University of Florence, Italy, showed that women who had two glasses of red wine a day enjoyed sex more than women who didn’t drink at all as red wine encourages blood flow to the women’s erogenous areas. So, do as the Romans do and take time to indulge in a hearty meal with your partner, complete with wine and candlelight. Then end the night with a ‘naughty’ dessert, like whipped cream and strawberries, that should set the mood for what’s to come!

4. India – Practice tantric sex 

Tantric sex is an ancient spiritual practice that began in India (320-650AD). The Sanskrit word tantra means ‘to weave energy’; the act of tantric sex is supposed to weave both your energies together, creating a higher plane of sexual pleasure. If this sounds a li’l too metaphysical for you, we promise it’s easier than it sounds. Tantric sex focuses more on the ‘journey’ rather than the act itself. Don’t scrimp on foreplay, practise synchronised breathing and eye contact, take it slow, and try out new positions that’ll bring you closer together.

5. China – Test out technology 

According to the article published in Men’s Health magazine, China is also one of the most sexually-satisfied countries, and all because of good old technology. The majority of Chinese men follow up successful dates with an email, which leads to…well, you can guess what! Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be the only factor required to spice up your love life. Try sending a sexy text or selfie to get your guy’s blood rushing. Just be careful while you’re at it. You wouldn’t want anyone else (like the boss) receiving those intimate messages by accident!

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