Your Ways to Better Orgasms

Peek into this list for ways you can level up on your Big-O!

women getting orgasmic reaction

Photography: Pinterest

Okay, so you know your G-spot and favourite positions. And the sex? Well, it’s good… but you’re looking for something more explosive with a bit more “Ahhs!” than just ‘getting the job done’.  Guys definitely have it easy, but we ladies need more time and effort to get us to the top of our peaks. To help you, we’re listing out the tricks to achieve a better climax that’ll have your legs go jelly for days.

  1. Tense up

Many believe that during intercourse, staying relaxed eases you to orgasm but according research, tensioning the muscles amps up the impact. The reason for this is because when you’re creating muscle tension, it increases the blood flow across your body (including your lady parts). You’ll feel more aroused and get the satisfaction you need!

  1. Play outside

Sometimes it’s not just about what you feel on the inside but also on the outside. Ask your partner to stimulate your clitoris for some double-duty action – best done when you’re on top or when he’s behind. Don’t be timid to touch yourself and give him a hand (on yourself), cos you know sex is all about accepting some and giving some.

  1. Kegel practice

Kegel exercise is targeted to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but this exercise can actually help you get to your desired end-goal! How? According to, find your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle by stopping your pee-ing mid-way; that muscle is used in the exercise. Clench that muscle as hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds before relaxing. Do this exercise three to four times a day for best results.

  1. Build desire

Go out on a date or watch a movie together and engage in foreplay like touching his hands, playing footsie or a little bit of nibbling here and there. Creating that sexual tension can lead to a pleasurable sex session. If you guys are comfortable, watching porn together can also be an option for a greater outcome.

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