7 Reasons Why Being Single is Fun!

We can sit here and talk about how being single is a taboo, but to be honest, it’s one of the best journeys in life.


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Being single can be scary, but it can also be one of the most adventurous, enlightening, fun times of your life! It’s more than okay to love yourself and enjoy being single. So put your heels on, and go a little crazy ’cause here are some reasons why being single is fun:

You’ll learn to love yourself
The feeling of loving someone is nice, but in order to be happy, you need to first learn how to love yourself. Your single years are meant for you discover yourself. Take yourself out on a date, pamper yourself, appreciate your existence and learn something new about yourself. Build up your self-esteem and work on feeling empowered by your own.

You care less about the past
It takes a long time to move on from the past and at times, things do get pretty depressing. But the amount of time you spend alone with your solitude, you tend to slowly forgive whoever that has wronged you. In time, you’ll learn to move forward and do the things you want instead of caring about the past.

You’ll be more grateful for the people in your life
When we’re in a relationship, we sometimes tend to put others on hold for our significant other. We might lose touch with friends or family because we’re deeply invested in that special someone. It isn’t healthy, but hey, it happens. Make an effort to rekindle neglected relationships and take advantage of your free time to go out and make new friends!


Photo: ingimage

The world is your dating buffet
Because seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose when you’re not tied down. You can date or sleep (or both) with basically anyone you desire! With safety precautions, of course. Besides, you need to kiss a few toads before getting to your prince charming, right?

The sky is the limit 
Have you ever wanted to move away and start fresh? If the answer is yes, then this is your chance to do it. You can literally do anything you want as you don’t have anyone holding you back. Your choices won’t affect anyone but you. Go ahead and do that solo backpacking trip, go back to school, take up dancing classes, climb Mount Kinabalu, go sky diving. You are your own life.

You can do you
A lot of people tend to change or limit themselves when they’re in a relationship. Now is the time for you to dig deep into who you truly are and what you’re capable of. Being in relationships might hold you back if you’re dating someone who is overly overprotective and jealous all the time. When you’re single, you’ll have a lot of “me” time where you’re independent to do anything you desire. Set a goal, go crazy, take advantage of situations way out of your comfort zone and make it a point to not look back!

You’ll build good social skills
Social skills aren’t just useful for work, they’re actually pretty helpful when it comes to a lot of things. For example, good social skills are a key factor in improving self-worth and personal happiness. Not only will you build a more established career, you’ll also get to meet various interesting people along the way. Bonus: It’ll help improve your flirting abilities too.