Men Dressed in Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

And they look absolutely unhappy about it. But don’t get them wrong, this portrait series holds a lot more meaning than just trying out women’s clothing.

We love fashion and (most) men don’t understand why. However, that just shows that men’s opinions sometimes don’t matter as much in a woman’s decision-making. Women have since come a long way to be of the same level as men and to be equal partners in a relationship; at least in most parts of the world. With that inspiration in mind, and after several conversations with his male friends, Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte began a portrait series called The Men Under the Influence, where he’d photograph a man wearing his girlfriend or wife’s clothes in their shared apartment or house – alone. It’s pretty thought-provoking but we couldn’t help but notice the look of discomfort on these men’s faces!









Source: Feature Shoot

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