Malaysian Women Spill On Their Horrible Sexting Slip-Ups

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Felicia, *34

“My partner and I sext each other quite often. We treat it as an appetiser before a steamy session in the night. It was one of those Friday nights when he was working late and I was getting really tired. I sent him a picture of myself saying “I just pleasured myself”, with the hope that he would get the message I wanted some action tonight. After sending the message, I didn;t look at my phone and just dozed off.

The next morning, I saw there was no text message from him so I headed to off to work. When I reached the office, my boss (who has been hitting on me for ages) called me to his room for a chat. He lowered down the blindfolds and touched my arm. I got a shock and told him off as I felt his actions were completely inappropriate and I decide to report the matter to HR.

When Sylvia*, my HR manager called me to her room, she passed me a warning letter and accused me of sexual harassment. Taken aback, I questioned her further and she showed me what had given my boss the wrong idea. I accidentally sent the message to my boss. Totally ashamed of myself. I went to my boss and apologised, but he and my HR manager didn’t believe me. The news went out to my colleagues and I had no choice but to resign because I felt uncomfortable facing them. On the bright side, I had no regret leaving the company as I didn’t see a future there.”

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