#FemaleDatingDiaries – 3 Dates, 3 Destinations

Here’s one dating app used over the course of two months of being single, in three different countries.


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The last time I was on Tinder was approximately two years ago, and I only made it to the movies (note: bad idea for a first date if you haven’t broken the ice) and dinner with one shy guy prior to dating my ex. Fast forward another two years, I find myself re-downloading the app, tweaking my settings and swapping in some new pics off Facebook. Equipped with updated features, including the once-a-day ‘super-like’ function (by swiping up) and the omitted ‘last active’ visibility, the digital dating game just got more exciting. And so I began swiping… 90% left, 10% right (cos I’m picky like that).


Location: Malaysia

The Underdog

I met this 28-year-old expat only three weeks after our first chat; no thanks to his frequent travels (and mine too). He appeared fitter in person than in his Instagram pictures, and I noticed more piercings and tattoos in flesh as well. We started our date with a quiet dinner, followed by drinks at a popular suburban turf.

Earlier in the evening, I gave myself a mental curfew of 1am. Unfortunately, I’m no Cinderella (or shall I say, Tinderella), especially if the date is going well and worth staying up a few more hours for. We talked, laughed and downed several beverages before calling it a night. This was definitely one date where I didn’t think I’d enjoy myself as much as I thought I would. Moreover, I was impressed by his globetrotting adventures and stories, which were nicely captured on Insta. Prior to leaving, he even gave me a souvenir (chocolates, since it’s popular where he’s from). He’s currently based here for work, so I might hit him up again for another meet-up!



Location: Singapore

The Confident Chap

Compared with Kuala Lumpur, there were lots of (white) fishes in the sea here. Excited, I didn’t waste any time and began swiping away. About 15 matches later, I exchanged digits with the few whom I had promising chats with and set up a date with one fine-looking man.

In person, he was shorter than I expected, but still cute. He also came off slightly overconfident, but that first impression slowly melted away when he opened up about himself. Since it was a Sunday night and most places were about to close, I invited him over to the poolside of the apartment I was staying at. He brought over a bottle of wine (brownie points!) and a deck of cards to demonstrate some magic tricks. And since the al-fresco setting was a bit warm for him, he decided to peel off his shirt mid-way (spotted: abs) – not that I was complaining! Overall, it was a decent date but we’d only give each other a ring if either of us is visiting again.



Location: Hong Kong

The Dude with (Cute AF) Dimples

For starters, Malaysia and Singapore seem to have better options (in my book at least). Despite that, I managed to score a few good-looking matches, one of which was a pretty boy with seriously-adorable dimples! We arranged to meet on my last night in Hong Kong and explored the party scene in Lan Kwai Fong together. Though he was there on holiday, he’d been to some of the rooftop bars before so he brought me to a couple of snazzy ones.

Our convo about travel and culture was fluid; almost no stalls in between! So much so we didn’t realise it had gotten late. By 3am, we were still out on the bustling streets (filled with people who were high [on drinks] at this point), making pit-stops at different bars for a drink or two. Though we’re the same age, somehow I felt like I was significantly older, probably because we’re at different stages in life – he’s still completing his final year in mechanical engineering. Needless to say, the fun was cut short when we had to return to our respective tanah air.


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