“My Digital Date Was A Weirdo!”

The dating game has gone through massive transformation and today, instead of meeting people through mutual friends, it may be via social media and dating apps. Team FEMALE tries a few apps and sites and here is its verdict. 

The Scorer – Mia Kiddo


“I always considered Tinder a dating app where horny people search for other horny people to mingle with. Swiping a decent right in Kuala Lumpur is like finding your mother in a sea of aunties in a household sale during festive season, it’s exhausting! After reviewing profile pictures and countless corny ‘About Me’ descriptions, I finally swiped a few rights and was matched with 40-year-old named Gerald* and a 29-year-old engineer, Stefan*.

“Gerald and I texted for a couple of days before he asked me out for dinner. By the end of the date, he confessed that he has a son from his ex-girlfriend. Normally, people would throw their drink at the person with news like that (just exaggerating!), but I just looked at him and replied, ‘Well, I was actually expecting this’. But hey, can’t say the date sucked; it was actually one of the nicest I’ve had in quite a while and we do get in touch once in a while now.

“While I was getting to know Gerald, I was also texting Stefan (I know, living dangerously!). Come the night of our meeting, I saw him sitting sitting there and holy smokes, my knees went spaghetti; he looked exactly like his pictures! The night went alright at first but just like his texts, he turned out to be pushy in real life. He kept trying to kiss me a couple of times while I dodged my head. He eventually gave up and enjoyed my company, while playing with my hair. Midnight was an hour away and he gave one last shot by asking me whether I wanted to chill at his place for more drinks. Now, any decent woman with class and integrity would say no. But you know what? I’m not one of those, but what I’m also not is being in a dry spell. So all in all, I got myself a new ‘friend’. Thanks, Tinder!”

The middle liner – Adele Sagayam 


“After doing up my profile, adding decent answers to lifestyle and dating-based questions on OkCupid, it was my turn to give this app a shot. OkCupid had a star button you could click on if you liked that person or would like to make it easier to review the person’s profile. However, the tricky part was that the ‘liked’ person would only be able to view me if we both purchased the app.

“The sidebar of OkCupid had a few categories: ‘Activity’, ‘Matches’ and ‘Quick matches’. At the top
right under the ‘Matches’ category was a filter button, and that had me filtering the type of men I would be interested in going out with. It almost felt like I was choosing my favourite ice-cream topping! Taking a leap of faith, I took the first step in sending one of the guys a message. The guy I messaged first, Sean*, had the courtesy of replying with a message.

“Oddly enough, Sean was quite the charmer! After much texting over WhatsApp and getting to know each other, we decided to meet after his return from a holiday in Europe. We met over dinner, talked about funny things we’d experienced and joked over the worst. Whoever thought chivalry is dead really should just sign up for OkCupid was the thought running through my head then. Our date continued with coffee after and more talking; the night did end young though (after the flirting got bad and he
tried to hold my hand). Sad to say, I found him boring after a while and that was the end of it.”

The not-so-lucky – Vasenta Selvanayagam


“I got a random friend request from Facebook not too long ago from a guy who happened to be a friend of a mutual friend. After a few chats, we went on a date. I have to admit that he was the nicest guy in person, not to mention a sweet talker as well. I can’t deny that he was good looking but unfortunately I had to go on a long trip and we weren’t able to meet for some time (which I consider a blessing now). We continued to chat via Facebook but what I found suspicious was that this guy refused to give me his phone number. After a little background search, it finally all made sense.

As much as he claimed he ‘liked’ me and wanted to build a fortress with me, he was hiding the fact that he had a kid, was way younger than me and still with his girlfriend. I never confronted him about this but decided to play along. I guess he sensed that I knew the truth when I refused to give in to his requests and started to sound sarcastic in some of my replies. I reckon he got the hint and decided to send me a one liner, ‘sorry, we can’t be friends anymore’ before deleting me from Facebook. All the best, weirdo!”

3 apps that didn’t work for Vasenta:

“I changed my name but included my real picture. It was fun at the beginning to be able to swipe right. I kept receiving notifications that there were people who liked my profile, but to view their profiles or have any interaction, I was asked to fill in a subscription form.”

“This was the same app where my mum found her husband, so I gave it a try. I was shocked to find a lot of younger guys in their early 20s who were looking for life partners on this app. After chatting with a guy who seemed pretty decent for some time, he sent me nude shots of himself, which was when I decided to completely remove the app.”

“This was recommended by my friend but unfortunately after setting up my profile, I had to validate my phone number but no code was sent to me and the app was ‘laggy’. Goodbye, Zoosk!”


*Names have been changed in the interest of privacy. 

NB These are some of our experiences using these apps and sites. If you have a success story or gone through a bad experience, tell us about it and we might feature it on femalemag.com.my.


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