What Do Couples In Asia Most Commonly Fight About?

Where are couples happiest, what makes a happy couple, and why do couples fight?

Have you ever wondered how other couples work? Are you and your beau really as good (or bad) together as you think you are? Sure, the grass may sometimes seem greener on the other side, but what’s really going on there?

Well, wonder no more because Prudential Corporation Asia has launched its Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) for 2017, a report reveals a number of facts about how we live and love in Asia.

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This year, Prudential surveyed nearly 4,600 people aged between 25 – 55 years in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to determine what makes couples in Asia tick.

Which country has the happiest couples?

People in Cambodia are the most satisfied with their personal relationships, with a PRI score of 86/100, meaning 86% of respondents said their relationships met their needs and expectations. This is followed by Vietnam and the Philippines in joint second (79/100).

Malaysia came in 6th place with a score of 69/100, slightly below the Asian average of 71/100. Coming in last place was China with a score of 54/100.

On a feel-good note, 85% of people said they were happier with their relationships now compared to when they just started!

What makes a strong relationship in Asia?

In Asia, people most desire a partner who is “easy to get along with”– someone who allows them to relax and be themselves. Given the pressures of daily life, it’s easy to see why anyone would treasure a companion who is fun to be with. Loyalty, honesty, and respectfulness are also highly desired traits across all countries surveyed.

Humour is also an important trait. People who laugh with their partners at least once a week have better relationship scores (70/100) than those who laugh together less often (56/100).

Why do couples fight?

The most common cause for arguments among Asian couples is… money. While you may think that issues like trust, expectations, or drinking may lead to conflict, findings show that more than a third of couples in Asia argue about money (37%)– specifically, the cost of raising children, and the amounts they saved and earned.  Interestingly, surveyed couples who pool their finances tend to rate their relationships better than those who don’t.  Of course, it could be the case that happier couples that already trust each other are more likely to share a bank account.

After money, conflicts are most often caused by a lack of attentiveness (33%) and disagreements about children (30%). Time spent on digital devices is the fourth-leading cause for argument between couples in Asia (29%). 85% of Malaysian respondents said they felt that mealtimes would be more enjoyable if phones were put away!

And if you ever wished you could change just that one tiny thing about your partner, you’re not alone. Here’s what the survey respondents wished to change msot about their partners.


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