A Woman Went On Her Honeymoon Without Her Husband And Here’s What Happened

The most important part of a honeymoon is your spouse. But for new bride Huma Mobin, she had to go on the trip alone sans husband. No, she didn’t split, the husband couldn’t get his visa on time so she went on the trip with her in-laws instead. *facepalm*

Huma and her husband, Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, wed in December 2015 and they were supposed to go on this trip to Greece in 2016 for their second honeymoon but it took a different toll. At first, she wanted to forgo the trip but her husband persuaded her to go without him.

What started as a funny photo of her with a sad face and pretending to hug her absent husband turned into a series of a hilarious photo album.

The pose was an idea she got from her hubby, who sent a picture of him in the similar pose when he went to Budapest without her after their engagement.

Huma told Insider that she wanted to make it a thing between them and she didn’t expect it to become such an amazing thing.

“At first it was a way to tell him that I’m missing him in front of the temple of Athena, but then it became something I enjoyed,” she said.

Not long after, another incident happened. She dropped her phone in the ocean. Then it became even more hilarious as her pose went from just missing her husband to now missing her husband and phone.


This is definitely a story to tell their grandkids!

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