6 Reasons He Said No to Sex

It’s not you, it’s him. Or is it?

Considering that some men are willing to pay for sex, especially because they’re not getting enough, it’s easy to sometimes wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?” when he rejects you in the bedroom. Well, hold on right there and take a chill pill, because there are other possible reasons men turn down sex, and you’re probably not one of them!

men say no to sex

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1. He’s depressed

It’s as simple as that – or not. “Clinical depression is one of the biggest killiers of sex drive in men,” says sex therapist David McKenzie and, in fact, there are more men than women suffering from it, according to Phillip Hodson from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

2. Low testosterone levels

Although this usually happens to men over 40, it can happen gradually to males as young as 28 as well. But ageing factor aside, an unhealthy lifestyle – a.k.a being overweight or excessive alcohol intake – could affect the production of this male hormone too. Known sometimes as andropause (or male menopause), one of its symptoms include low energy, mood changes and, yes, low libido.

3. He’s sex-sulk-ing

Okay, so sometimes it may be because of you. Relationship expert Michele Weiner Davis says, “If you’re highly critical of your partner, he won’t want to have sex with you.” Gone are the days where boys would sulk in a corner and cross their arms. Men, on the other hand, sulk sexually and withhold sex as a punishment, according to Hodson.


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4. He’s stressed

When we experience anxiety over our jobs or money issues, chances are we won’t be in the mood for coitus. Well, guess what? Men are just the same, if not even more affected. “Men’s self-esteem is so wrapped up in their achievement,” says Davis. “If he’s feeling anxious or down about his work situation, his libido will suffer.” Maybe someone should tell them it’s all the more reason why they should have sex.

5. Plumbing problems

We’re talking erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. They’re common problems, but to a man, they may hurt his self-esteem and cause fear that his partner might face disappointment or find him less of a real man. Hence, it’s possible for some guys with these difficulties to withdraw from his partner, says McKenzie.

6. There’s a game

You know men and their sports. It’s not that you’re less important than a football match… but that’s just how dudes are. For them, it’s just as exciting as sex. Well, it beats us choosing a smartphone over sex, right?

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