5 Signs You’re About to Get Dumped

Learn the art of expecting the breakup.

Getting dumped is the last surprise you’d want out of a relationship. But what if we told you that we’ve found a way for you to avoid getting your heart shattered into pieces and expect what’s coming on that tragic day. Here are the warning signs that he might just cart you out into the refund bag. Or perhaps you could also save the relationship, who knows.

  1. Less Talk

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. If he seems less engaging in conversations and you can feel his coldness, even through his text replies, then girl it’s time to realise that something’s up. It could also mean he’s probably having a bad day but if it goes on for two weeks then something is definitely up his sleeves.



2. You annoy him

If it seems like he’s overly criticising you about everything you do from the way you eat, talk, snore, or basically being alive (okay, we might be exaggerating!), then you better straight up ask him what’s wrong. Cos who needs a man who puts you down all the time.



3. Intimate no more

Sex is just not as good as it used to be or any kind of intimacy for that matter. There’s a lot less physical contact going on; he doesn’t hug you or kiss you like he used to. Even if he does, it feels very forced. Affection is an emotional expression that everyone needs in their life and living without it in a relationship just feels very robotic and cold.



4.Happier with others

You can see him perk up when friends and other acquaintances are around. But when they’re not there, it’s back to boring small talks that seems to go nowhere and it’s just not fun to be around each other anymore.



5.No long-term plans

Forever after is the ideal relationship goal but what if he doesn’t think that far off? Or maybe he changed his plans from all that talk about moving in together to him looking for a job out of state (and travelling solo). Big future plans might seem a bit intimidating especially when you’re unsure about your partner. If that’s the case maybe it’s time to find someone with similar end-goals.

Photography: Pinterest

Photography: Pinterest

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