5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Tech Geek

It’s time to ditch those smooth-talking players and cozy up to that tech-genius hiding behind his laptop!

Admit it, ladies… guys with amazing abs are certainly easy on the eye, but good looks don’t last forever. What you really need is a brilliant and considerate guy who would rather work on his HTML codes than figure out ways to play the field once your back is turned.


Here are five more sensible reasons why you should get your very own tech geek:

His mental prowess will leave your peers gaping in awe.
Tech geeks are usually very well-educated and articulate; their vocabulary has been enhanced by religiously reading a few hundred RSS feeds a day. He’s also tech-savvy and will be able to rescue you from electronic device disasters!

He’s passionate about everything… including you!
Tech geeks are more romantic than they are given credit for. When they become interested in something, they tend to shift their whole attention towards it. Can you imagine the amount of attention you’ll get from being in a relationship with him?

He’ll never forget important dates that mean a lot to you.
All that time spent on memorizing computer programming codes at uni has resulted in fantastic memory retention. Your tech geek will have no problem remembering your birthday and anniversaries.

He’s not a jerk and has plenty of patience.
All that downtime without a steady girlfriend has seriously taught tech geeks a lot about patience. Your geek-god may not want to attend every outing with you but he’s certainly open to the idea of activity swaps.

He’d rather spend his night in front of the comp than at some sleazy bar.
Here’s another area you need not worry about: your geek guy probably spends most of his time pimping up his comp with software upgrades than primping himself up to hit the hottest nightspots. He’d rather make a beeline for the nearest electronics store instead of chatting up some hussy.