5 Proposal Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

Admit it, we all love a good love story.

Well, at least I know I do! I stumbled across this proposal website last week; and one thing led to another and half an hour later I was reading the 10th story, bawling my eyes out at 1am on a Thursday night. It definitely felt great knowing that every single day, in every corner of the world, there is a couple whose life is about to change forever.

1. Amy and Stephen


“People had jokingly asked me if he was going to propose on my birthday but I would always say, “I don’t think so, that’d be too obvious.” The night before, he called saying he couldn’t have dinner with me because he had to work. So I went out to dinner with my girlfriends and after dinner, they wanted to go to this park to see a famous Yoda fountain.

That same park was where Stephen and I went to after he asked me to be his girlfriend. When I arrived, I initially thought there was a bunch of people playing PokemonGo. Then I saw my brother, who’d flown in from New York. My family was lined up on one side and his family on the other. They were all holding whiteboards with a message from each of them. After I hugged each of our family members, Stephen came out of the bushes and got down on one knee.

My grandma passed away five years ago, and I told Stephen we didn’t need to go ring shopping because I just wanted to use my her ring. When he opened the ring box, I cried because it was perfect and I was reminded of my grandma’s kindness and tender heart every time I look at my left hand. I know they are smiling in heaven and the ring made me feel like my they were both there.”

2. Johanna and Nathan


“One Saturday, I got woken up by our leasing office informing me that I had a package that needed to be picked up immediately. I got out of bed and rushed to the office not knowing what was waiting for me. I opened a box that had my first clue of the day. It was a scavenger hunt around Kansas City to my favourite places and people. After the first clue took me to my favourite coffee shop, the second directed me to the bar where we met three years ago, where his best friend was waiting for me with the third clue. This one took me to my favourite Mexican restaurant where my best friend Stephanie was waiting for me with lunch and a shot of tequila. Now, it was her turn to drive me around the city, which took me to getting my hair and nails done and a new outfit. After everything was perfect and done, the next clue took us to the most beautiful spot in Kansas City, which overlooks the city.

We started walking around Liberty Memorial and all of a sudden, my mum and dad showed up out of nowhere. After the tears stopped, my dad handed me the last and final clue that stated ‘are you ready for the flight of your life’, which took me to the Airport for a helicopter ride over Kansas City. It was the most unbelievable view and when we landed, my now fiancée was waiting for me with a bouquet of roses!”

3. Megan and Bryan


“He told me it was a business meeting and described the clients in detail, even down to what type of dog they had. I did think it was odd how many Jack Daniels and Cokes he consumed on the flight there, but he had said they were big clients and he was nervous!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel, and when the time came to go to Willis Tower, Chicago, to meet these ‘clients’, we made our way there via taxi. When we got there we went through a different entrance, which was pretty empty, and which I thought was odd, but the front desk staff seemed to know these ‘clients’ and exactly where we were going.

He kept up the charade pretty well throughout the long elevator ride, talking about the clients and how they were late. We reached the Sky Deck on the 103rd floor. When the door opened, a staff member handed me a beautiful bouquet of white roses. I saw rose petals arranged along an aisle leading us to the Sky Deck and heard our favourite song playing on the violin. As I walked, I finally put it together. He got down on one knee, with the city lights surrounding us, and asked me to marry him.”

4. Jourdan and Nick


“The clock had just struck 12am on my birthday and we were getting ready for bed. While I was brushing my teeth, Nick told me he was going to get Ayden ready for bed (we had a son in April 2015!).

When I was done, I went into Ayden’s room to say goodnight and as soon as I walked in to the room, Nick picked him up really fast from the changing table and told me to get him some cold water. So I got him a cold bottle of water out of the fridge and went right back. I handed Nick the water and went to kiss Ayden goodnight. I looked at him about three times before I realized that his onesie said, Will You Marry My Daddy?

When I turned around, Nick was on his knee, with tears in his eyes, and asked if I would be his wife. We sat in our son’s room for the next two hours and drank champagne, talked about our future, and stared at our baby boy (yes, we know, it was way past his bedtime but he had to be part of the celebration).”

5. Katie and Trey


“We were on a family vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama, with his family. While we were taking family pictures on the beach, his sister put a bag down in front of me and out popped the most beautiful golden retriever puppy. I instantly grabbed the dog and began crying as I read the name tag that said ‘will you marry us’.

Also, in February this year, my grandma lost her battle with cancer. Just as I was wishing she could be here to share this special time with me, we realised my little pup was born on her birthday!