3 Malaysian Women Talk About Being With Younger Guys

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1. Siti Salwa Mohd Alias, 33, Manager

Husband Muhammad Ariff is four years younger

From the get-go, Siti’s family and friends weren’t too keen on her choice of dating someone younger — her friends would even pass comments and say that he’s a tad too young for her. Fortunately, she never took their comments to heart and understood that their intentions were genuine. Instead, she gave them the time and space to get to know him and soon enough, everyone opened up and looked at him beyond his age. Siti and her husband tied the knot in 2015 after dating for five years and eight months ago, they welcomed their first child.


“We both believe that age should never be a barrier. For me, whether it’s someone old or young, all that matters is if they’re a mature and responsible individual. Don’t allow age to dictate how you feel towards someone. Get to know the person and practice tolerance – even if your partner is younger than you, be sure that mutual respect between both of you exist all the time.”


“I actually didn’t even know his age when we first started going out and I wouldn’t have guessed that he was actually younger because of his mannerisms. His calm and mature manner resembles someone much older. I am truly lucky to have met someone that’s extremely understanding, smart and carries out his duties as a husband and father exceptionally well. Also, perhaps the fact that he is the eldest in the family also explains why he carries himself the way he does.”

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