10 Things He Does That Says He’s Into You

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Does he really really really really really really like you?


When it comes to your friend and a potential guy, it’s easy to tell if he’s into her (or not) by the way he talks to her or looks at her. That’s cos it’s always easier when you’re looking at it from a third-person point of view; hence, it’s not so simple when you’re the one in question.

We automatically go point blank and start asking ourselves, “Is he into me or am I just overthinking it?”

Well, ladies, it turns out that guys are pretty easy to decode. Here’s 10 ways how you can tell if he’s really into you…

1. He wants to be in your company

He may call and randomly text you from time to time but when he’s into you, he makes the effort to see you and have a tête-à-tête. It’s not just about a date on a Friday night; if it’s genuine, all he wants to do is spend time with you regardless of WHAT you do together. Catching a movie, grabbing coffee after work or ‘helping’ him look for a present for his mum — they are signs that he enjoys your company.

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