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Drink Up Well-Being

Health and vitality are two ingredients we could all use with our hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles. Enter Kinohimitsu’s Superfood Lady, an all-plant-based multigrain beverage, which offers a fusion of powerful elements from the East and West for a healthy, energised and happy life. Besides multigrains, it contains beetroot, red date, longan and cranberry to help replenish and boost health while promoting a rosy complexion.

• Source of fibre support for digestive health
• High in calcium: good for development of strong bones and teeth and the cardiovascular system
• High in iron: good for red blood cell formation
• High in protein: good for body toning and to support immune cells
• Beetroot: good for increasing stamina and endurance
• Red dates: good for nourishing
• Longan: good for blood circulation

How to use:
Mix two scoops into 150-200ml of cold or lukewarm water


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