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Looking for an instant facelift? CRES has introduced a highly-effective and therapeutic treatment that uses a combination of natural crystals and nanotechnology
to achieve that.

Its Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy involves the use of an Anti-Aging Essence, Hydrating Essence, Whitening Essence, Enzymatic Masque, Matrix Masque and Soft Masque, all which are designed to tighten, whiten and hydrate your skin. In addition, the treatment offers instant pore-refining, fine-line reduction and wrinkle-softening benefits, plus a slimmer, more streamlined facial contour

More good news: the combo of products in this treatment also helps unblock and activate your lymph nodes, increase nutrient flow to the cells and stimulate more efficient cell repair and renewal. This leaves you with a revitalised feeling and an ultra-smooth skin. Head to your nearest CRES outlet for the ultimate facial rejuvenating experience!


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