Win Cara Beauty Salon Facial Treatment!

21 lucky readers to answer the question correctly will win a Cara exclusive personalized facial treatment worth RM288 each!!!

The Aftercare Specialist

Experience an exclusive facial treatment personalised to your individual skin type at Cara Beauty Salon. The good news? It has five treatments specially designed for various benefits to meet your skin’s needs:

1. Sensitive Skin Recovery
2. Acne Recovery
3. Brightening Antioxidant
4. Collagen Oxygenating Firming
5. Rejuvenating Nourishing

In line with Cara’s objective to ‘Bring Life to Your Skin’, the treatments are designed to treat, desensitise and prevent skin blemishes and imperfections for any
type of skin. It uses comprehensive deep cleansing, toning and peeling followed by light extraction and a facial massage with a personalised cocktail concentrate. Post-treatment, your skin will be clearer, brighter, firmer and deeply-hydrated.

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