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Natural Beauty

For smooth and hydrated skin, Alissi Brontë has an innovative hyaluronic acid – the Purissimo Hyaluronic Acid – which helps retain water within your skin cells, thus spectacularly increasing skin moisture and giving volume to the skin. It is 100 per cent pure and up to 93 per cent concentrated. This polysaccharide is naturally present in the skin’s intercellular matrix, giving support, flexibility and elasticity. It can replace the collagen in areas where it has degenerated. With continued application, the molecules of hyaluronic acid trap water and swell, pushing wrinkles out and filling them from the inside.

True to the legacy of Alissi Brontë, the benefits are immediate and continue to increase with continued use. Plus, it also serves as a transport agent for other active products that are slower to penetrate.

How to apply:
Apply on clean skin, massage and use before your daily cream.

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