If You’d Like To Watch 3 Of The Latest Blockbusters Back-to-Back For Free, Now’s Your Time

There’s a contest happening on Facebook right now where you can win tickets to watch 3 blockbusters back-to-back.

If your eyes have ever felt tired, strained, or dry eyes after staring at your screen, then you’ve probably experienced a classic case digital dry-eye strain.

Each time you blink, a thin layer of tears spreads across your eyeball to form a protective coat that lubricates and protects it. When you stare at a screen for too long, your eyes can stop producing enough tears, which leads to dry and sore eyes. That’s when eyedrops can feel like a downright blessing!

To help spread more awareness of dry eye conditions, eyedrop manufacturer Systane is inviting you to discover the comfort and protection Systane brings through its “Don’t Wait. Hydrate.” blockbuster movie marathon. That’s right: they’d like you to see how too much screentime can affect your eyes by watching 3 movies back to back! And not just any movie, but the latest releases like Spiderman: Homecoming, War For The Planet Of The Apes, and Dunkirk!

Photo: Systane / Facebook

If staring at a movie screen for 9 hours straight sounds a bit crazy, just remember that that’s how long some people spend staring at their computer screens on a regular day at work! But don’t worry, Systane will be on hand with eyedrops to help!

Sounds good? To score free passes to watch 3 of the most recent blockbuster hits, all you have to do is: visit and Like the Systane Malaysia Facebook page.

  1. Visit and Like the Systane Malaysia Facebook page.
  2. Go to this post and follow the instructions to stand a chance to win two tickets.

After the contest closes on July 9th, Systane will choose 30 winners to win a pair of tickets to enjoy nine hours of three back to back movies with free meals, snacks and a Systane gift pack on 20 July 2017 at mmCineplexes @ eCurve. Winners will be notified through Facebook Messenger and their names will be announced on Systane’s Facebook page. Go on, give it a shot!

For more information on Systane’s “Don’t Wait. Hydrate.” blockbuster movie marathon, visit Systane Malaysia’s Facebook Page.