Watch This Documentary Series of Underaged Sex Predators in Malaysia

An undercover investigative journalism on online child sex exploitation and underaged sex predators in Malaysia.


When it comes to child sex offenders, the attention of the offence hasn’t brought much attention to the public, especially when it comes to online sex predators. After the case of the British pedophile and under-aged sex offender, Richard Huckle was caught to have abused 200 children in Kuala Lumpur went uproar, people are now starting to take notice of child sex predators but one could never imagine it can happen online, especially in Malaysia.


The Star’s R.AGE have recently held a 6 month long undercover investigation and released an original documentary series, ‘Predator In My Phone’, to highlight child sexual exploitation where their female journalists had posed as 15 year olds in mobile chat apps, the highest modus operandi for sexual predators in Malaysia. The mobile chat apps that are used includes WeChat, BeeTalk and even Facebook Messenger to lurk on underaged kids, both male and female children.


The undercover journalists were to chat with the sex predators and have met up with them to see their true intentions. One predator, in his late 30s named with the username ‘K-Boy’ even booked a hotel room before even meeting the journalist at a cafe, insisting the journalist to join him in the hotel room. The predator informed her that he wants sex, knowing that her age is 15 year old, “I’ve done it with girls from Form One to Form Six! The one that is in Form One (aged 13) is from a school in KL. There’s another one in Selangor, but she’s in Form Four now.”

Why are these men not behind bars yet? Asst Comm Ong Chin Lan, assistant principal director of D11 spoke to R.AGE, “Technology moves so fast these days, so we really need to empower our law enforcement agencies… We have already drafted (grooming laws) and submitted them to our bosses to forward to the Attorney General’s chambers for review. But to propose a law, and to pass it, takes a long time.” The police’s D11 unit are the ones that handles sexual crimes and crimes against children.

Underage grooming is currently not stated as a criminal offence in our state, to take matters in our own hands, UNICEF Malaysia and R.AGE have joined forces on setting up a pledge for the public to sign a pledge to make this heinous and revolting act a criminal offence. You can sign your petition here.