We Took A Look At The World’s Most Famous 88-Carat Black Diamond

This legendary 88-carat black Korloff Noir diamond is believed to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to those who have come in contact with it.

What is a black diamond? Regardless of colour, all diamonds are structurally and chemically the same: carbon atoms arranged in a certain way. The variations in a diamond’s colour comes from other trace elements in the earth in which it forms, leading to a range of colours like white, pink, blue, yellow, or in the Korloff Noir‘s case, a stunning opaque black.

The famous 88-carat black diamond was cut from a much larger 421-carat rough diamond discovered in Siberia in 1917.  First owned by the Korloff Sapojnikoff family of Russian nobility, the gem survived through the Russian Revolution and both World Wars. In 1974,  it was cut into its signature shape and reached the hands of Daniel Paillaseur, who went on to found luxury lifestyle brand Korloff Paris in its name. Today, the gleaming black gem is insured for USD $37 million and resides in the vault of the Korloff Company in Paris as the soul and symbol of the company.

The legendary diamond is strongly reputed to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to those who have come in contact with it– chess champions Gary Kasparov and tennis legend Pete Sampras are a few who believe in the diamond’s superstition. With that being said, it has only ever brought outside of Paris on very rare occasions.

This time, the Korloff Noir was flown to Malaysia in conjunction with the launch of Korloff’s new “Collection 88-facet”, a new patented cut of diamond that mimics the Korloff Noir’s signature 88-facets and rounded octagonal shape, and – hopefully – its same mystical powers.

And here it is:

Of course, my photo doesn’t do it any justice, but the gem is certainly beautiful.

Will it bring me good fortune and prosperity? We’ll see!