Dior Wants To Know What You Would Do For Love

Join the #DiorLoveChain for a good cause!

Dior wants you to ask yourself an essential and universal question: what would you be prepared to do for love?

And you won’t be the only one answering.

You might have already seen international and local celebrities answering the Dior Love Chain question. From iconic stars to models, social media influencers, artists, and more, the Dior Love Chain started with them.

And closer to home, we invited 20 local celebrities and personalities into our studio to create their own Dior Love Chain videos. Watch them as they talk about love in all its forms and of course, what they would do for love!

Now it’s your turn to join stars like Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp, and ask yourself this crucial question: And YOU, what would you do for love?

The idea is simple: film your answer to the question “And you, what would you do for love?” in a black and white video and then post it on Instagram, tagged with @diorparfums,  @wemovement, #diorlovechain, #missdiorforlove, and #diormy.

Answer alone, with a loved one, or in a group; express yourself by talking or singing, dancing or drawing; be serious or be funny – it’s up to you!

Your answer should end with you nominating your loved ones to continue the  Dior Love Chain by posting their own answers to the question.

For every Dior Love Chain post uploaded this way, Dior will donate USD$1 to WE Charity, a global charity network which supports education, health care, and clean water initiatives in developing countries to help break the cycle of poverty and child exploitation. Today, the Dior Love Chain and Natalie Portman are committing to a WE Schools initiative in Kenya, which aims to provide education for young girls.

And you, what would you do for love?