Why You Should Buy A Jar Of Vaseline Before September

The Vaseline Healing Project comes to Malaysia.

While your gut reaction may be to think that dermatological concerns are small and shallow compared to the more pressing concerns of food and shelter, but easily-preventable skin conditions can easily worsen if left untreated, and prevent victims from attending work or school.

Vaseline, which is highly purified petroleum jelly, has been used for nearly 140 years as an effective treatment for dry skin, conditions. It’s so effective, 82% of aid workers surveyed believe that petroleum jelly would help them treat patients with skin ailments but it’s either too hard or too expensive to get.

And so, the Vaseline Healing Project was born, a global aid effort that provides dermatological care to and products to people living in poverty or adverse conditions around the word.

Now, the Healing Project has reached Malaysian shores for the first time ever. Partnering with the relief organisation HOPE worldwide Malaysia, this initiative will help underprivileged, impoverished, and vulnerable communities to regain healthy skin. Vaseline will support Hope worldwide Malaysia’s Medical Program which provides free basic healthcare to underprivileged communities around Malaysia via a free clinic in Sentul and free mobile clinics across the country.

From 1 June to 31 August, for every Vaseline product you buy, Vaseline will donate RM1 to HOPE Worldwide Malaysia’s medical program. They’re aiming to hit RM200,000 in cash (and Vaseline, of course!)

For spokeswoman Daphne Iking, this project is something that’s  close to her heart. Growing up in a small Sabahan village, Vaseline was an indispensable part of helping her cope with her eczema as a child. And “this world needs a lot of love and healing,” she added at the launch of the initiative.

I come from a small town in Sabah and I understand the struggle of both the rural and urban poor having worked with NGOs and activists who are helping these underserved community. While issues such as lack of food, clean water and shelter are the first to be addressed during emergencies, skin conditions – especially when left untreated, can lead to more serious problems. I know this because I suffered from childhood skin eczema and this was passed on to my daughters. And while it was not life threatening per se, it was extremely painful and embarrassing. I had to wear long sleeves and long pants out as I had unsightly scars and I would wear gloves at night to prevent me from scratching myself (I was Elsa before Frozen became famous!). If I didn’t do the Elsa, my bedsheet would be stained with blood. ? My mum, a nurse was able to manage my “kudis” by controlling my diet and ensuring our home was dust free. Dad was not allowed to smoke in front of me and we used Vaseline Jelly to lock in moisture right after I had a warm,quick bath. And that helped A LOT. People used to shy away from me thinking I was “a dirty girl” with all my “kudis”, but it was hereditary and even pollen would cause a flare up! Why am I delighted to be onboard Malaysia’s Vaseline Healing Project? Heal. The word alone is enough to spur me to be part of it. With all that’s taking place around the world, I think we could do with more love, compassion and healing. Let’s give hope and heal the world in whatever capacity we can do. With every purchase of a Vaseline product, RM1 will be added to the Vaseline Healing Project fund to help Hope Worldwide Malaysia provide medical assistance to those underprivileged communities. #thevaselinehealingproject

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