#MYSUPERFEMALE: 3 Things We Learnt From Charissa Ong

Not sure about you but if someone told us we were too young to do something, the first thought that would come to our mind will be to maybe drop the idea and try something else (at least until we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t give up on the idea). But in Charissa’s case, nope! She went ahead and proved herself that she alone can make it big.

After completing high school, Charissa attended business school for a year at INTI University and College, but when she realised that it wasn’t what she wanted, she proceeded to study at The One Academy and completed her degree in Interactive Media Design, graduating in 2015. Today, she is a self-published author who is looking for ways to market her book Midnight Monologues outside Malaysia.

Here are 3 things that we learnt from Charissa:

There’s a bright side to everything that happens

“I broke up with my boyfriend three years ago and that’s how my career kick-started. I started posting emotional quotes on Instagram, and from a following of 200, I surprisingly got over 2K followers. That’s how I got the inspiration to compile my postings and come up with a book.”

Always take a chance

“I work as a full-time designer at a digital agency and in the evenings, to escape into my own world and make extra money, I started to write. Many people told me I’d fail as reading isn’t something most Malaysians do, but guess what? My book has been one of the top 10 bestsellers in MPH since it was launched in July last year. WOO HOO!”

Be brave and never let anyone put you down

“After compiling my writings, I wanted to get my book published. But everyone I approached said I was too young, so instead of listening to them, I decided to open my own publishing company with my mum that doubles up as a Marketing and PR company for young local authors who want to publish their own books. #GIRLPOWER!”

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