FEMALE Exclusive: Malaysia’s Newest R&B Superstar – Nyk

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F: What do you think is the biggest barrier you have had to face as an artist?

N: “Probably being heard. I think everyone local musician has to deal with the stereotype that was left for us: that local music isn’t as great as international music. To aim is to be the generation to break that stereotype. That’s the biggest barrier…. That and relatives who go “Does music pay the bills?” but that’s just annoying I guess.”

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F: What brings you the greatest joy?

N: “A bowl of Unagi Don and making other people happy.”

F: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not busy working?

N: “Scroll Mr Porter, have a flat white at Common Man in TTDI, binge watch Rick & Morty or read One Piece and Shokugeki No Souma.”

F: Do you have a talent or guilty pleasure that even your friends don’t know about?

N: “I cook good Italian and Malaysian dishes. As for my guilty pleasure, I love manga. I’m the guy that reads all the anime theories on forums and cried when Naruto ended.”

F: I noticed you have a few tattoos on your body. How many do you have and is there a story for each of them?

N: “Yes, I’ve got 4 and there might be another coming. My first tattoo is ‘discipline yourself’ written in Hebrew on my chest, and that’s just a reminder to myself cause I think discipline gets overlooked often when trying to get something done. My second one is some Japanese art on my tricep and that’s both a homage to John Mayer and cause I just love Japanese art. The third is ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ on my leg, cause the three years I spent in the UK changed me a lot. The latest one was just a couple months ago, and it’s the word SHELTER under a line across my back. It’s a reference to Porter Robinson’s song and it also symbolizes me providing comfort for a loved one when I hug them or shield them.”

F: What do you think you’d be doing now if you didn’t have your music career?

N: “I’d be aiming to be a CEO or an entreprenuer. However, if I had it completely my way, I’d be an architect.”

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F: What’s the one thing you love and hate about the Malaysian music/entertainment industry?

N: “I love that there are people making a move to bring Malaysian music onto an international platform. I love that they’re examples showing that you could start music in Malaysia and get somewhere. On the other hand I hate people who get comfortable; musicians who think they’ve made it after playing the same venues to the same people repeatedly without getting anywhere, and just acting like they’ve made it overall. I don’t think it’s getting us anywhere, and I doubt they’ll like reading this.”

F: Are you able to share with us a little sneak peak of what fans can expect from you from here on out?

N: “I’m going into Sweden to record my EP, and we’re releasing my second single in December, and the EP early 2018. I’ve written enough for the EP and more, and I can’t wait to let you guys hear it.”

F: Lastly, can you share with us the top 10 songs you’ve listened to the most in the past year?


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