FEMALE Exclusive: Interview With Anne-Marie

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F: Your song Ciao Adios was nominated for the ‘British Video of the Year’ award at the BRITs last week. How excited were you that night?

AM: “I didn’t think my songs would be nominated to be honest. The BRIT awards is a really great occasion, especially for us Brits because it shows the talent and support coming from our country. So I’m really proud.”

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F: The music video was filmed all the way in Morocco. What made you decide to film it there?

AM: “When I listen Ciao Adios, I see a lot of colours. So I just thought of the most colourful place and went there. The most fun part of the trip was when we rod on Quad bikes through the mountains and saw a tree with goats in it. Like literal goats just sitting on the branches! You can see it in the music video.”

F: When did you find out you had this talent for writing?

AM: “I didn’t know it for ages because it didn’t come naturally. When I was younger, I was in musical theater, and that’s more like you becoming someone else, and singing other people’s song. But when I first learnt that we could write about our experiences and put it into a song, I absolutely fell in love with it and knew that’s what I wanted to do. I still have a lot to learn – like how to structure it, how to make it relate to other people. But besides that, it’s like my diary.”

F: What has been your favourite song to write?

AM: “All of them. I love writing so much, it’s such a big part of me as an artist. I think it’s important for me to write because it’s real. I’ve been through a lot and I want people to hear that, so that if they’ve been through the same situation, they’ll be able to feel better.”

F: You once mentioned in an interview that “When I’m happy in a relationship, I’ve got nothing to write about”. So where does your inspiration general come from?

AM: “If I haven’t got a relationship thing to write about, I would either speak to my friends or listen to their stories about what they’re feeling in the moment. Then I’d write about that … which sounds quite bad. I also like to go online and listen to speeches from people. I’ve written a lot of songs from watching women speak about women empowerment.”

F: What does female empowerment mean to you?

AM: “It’s very important for females to feel empowered. It took me a long time to find that inside me. I always feel like I need to speak to younger girls for them to feel stronger when they’re younger so they have a longer time growing up feeling good about themselves. I know first hand how long it takes to learn how to love yourself.”

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F: Now that you’ve announced your debut album. Can you share what we can expect from it?

AM: “Well, you’ll hear the singles I’ve had out on there. I didn’t want to just write a whole album about heartbreak, even though there are good albums like that. I just feel like I have so much to say about different things, which is why this album will consists of songs with different vibes, for different times – before going to bed, before getting up in the morning. There’s a song that’s suitable for every time and mood.”

F: I’m sure A LOT of people have asked you this. But what’s the best part about being on tour with Ed Sheeran? Can you tell us a secret about what goes on backstage?

AM: “Yes, he’s always around to make me feel comfortable. It was always fun and sometimes I just forget that I’m on tour and that I’m just hanging out with my friends. One secret: He makes really strong tequila drinks. He has his own recipe for it but I personally can’t drink it all the time because its too strong.”

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