5 Things To Know Before Seeing ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’

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2. Despite the movie being centered around ninjas, Olivia Munn is the only one out of the main cast that has a background in martial arts

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Okay guys, here’s how it went down.

Me: “I know this is an animation movie, but did any of you take martial arts lessons prior to filming?”

Kumail: “Well, I’m an actual black belt in real life… …I’m joking.”

Michael: “He has a black belt in ‘Sleep-jitsu’.”

Zach: “I took karate class once and I pee’d in my gi.”

Dave: “I went for one Karate class and saw the sensei flip a kid, so I walked out. I mean, I don’t want to be flipped.”

*everyone laughs*

Olivia: “I actually have a black belt in Taekwondo.”


Yup, the whole room took exactly 3 seconds for that bit of information to sink in. Once the other cast members finally registered what Olivia just revealed, all the questions started coming in. How? When? Why? What? Where?

The actress, who looked like a model in her matching orange denim jacket and skirt, just smiled and said: “In 5th grade, a boy made fun of my step sister and I for having the name ‘Boyd’ (which was our then stepfather’s name), so when he came closer, my sister grabbed him while I was kicked and punched him, practicing all the moves I learned. At one point, I saw his body bend because my sister was kneeing him from the back. I don’t think people teach their kids to hit and stuff but we were taught that if someone messes with you, you shut it down. So we did. Should I leave now?

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Yes, I can totally see her kicking a** in that outfit. #girlcrush

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