Want To Be An Eco-Volunteer In Malaysia? Here’s How!

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Henashwari Siva, 26

Programme Officer at Global Environment Centre (GEC)

“I first joined GEC as an intern back in 2016. As a graduate from the School of International Tropical Forestry at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, I was assigned to both the Outreach and Partnership Programme as well as Forest and Coastal Programme during my six months’ training. Nature conservation and climatic change issues have always been a topic of interest to me, so given my background in Forest Science studies, I am happy to know the small things I do can make a small change in environmental protection.

Since my internship, I’ve had the privilege to participate in awareness programmes, public tree planting events, vegetation surveys, making activity reports and engaging various stakeholders. I have also been involved in forest vegetation assessment in which I learned more on the flora that can be found in forest. That said, nothing beats my first real field task which was when we went to the peat swamp forest for an activity called Water Table Monitoring. It was challenging for me then (with the scorching heat and the swampy condition of the forest), but I’m proud to say that it’s part of my main job scope today.

Obviously there are more responsibilities that come with working full-time with GEC compared to when I was an intern. Although I am still a beginner in this field, I choose to join in on as many activities as I can as the things that can be learnt are endless! One of my favourite activities in GEC is the Peatland Forest Ranger Programme that’s carried out for primary and secondary school students. The opportunity to educate and raise awareness among the younger generation feels amazing and I’m glad we’re able to provide a platform to share and educate them on our environment.

Once a month, the public can join us and volunteer to provide a helping hand in rehabilitating the forest. Besides that, we also welcome corporate companies who would like to fund and carryout CSRs with us and contribute towards environmental protection.”

Global Environment Centre Malaysia

Contact: 03-79572007

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.gec.org.my

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