You Can Now Book Your Rooms At Tokyo’s MUJI Hotel!

How many times have you walked into a Muji showroom and thought, “ah, I wish I could live here!”

If you have, you’re not alone– I’ve been guilty of that myself many times! Something about the simple wooden furniture is so soothing and quaint, exactly like the kind of low-key minimalistic life I dream of living. While my dreams of a Muji-furnished life may still be a long way away, at least there’s an option to experience living the Muji aesthetic for a while.

That’s right, I’m talking about the Muji Hotel!

First announced in, the Muji Hotel Ginza is a hotel created and operated by – you guessed it – Muji! Occupying the top five floors of the new Muji global flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo, this is your best chance to experience a Muji life while enjoying a comfortable stay in Tokyo.

In true Muji fashion, each of the hotel’s 79 rooms are both simple and stylish, accented with wood, stone, tatami reed flooring, and other natural and repurposed materials. There are nine different room designs to accommodate a range of travellers, with the smallest one starting at 2.1m across. Of course, with their smart use of space,  Muji promises that every room has been designed for comfort.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the room will restore travelers in body and spirit alike. With the mattresses in beds featuring design informed by sleep and posture research, bath towels that are gentle to the touch and lighting designed to guide guests into natural slumber, these are spaces set up to offer exceptional relaxation. – Muji Hotel

What’s cool is that every item you see in the rooms are from the Muji catalogue, which means you can head down to the store and pick up anything you like, or even have a meal at the Japanese restaurant at the lobby or the Muji Diner in the basement.

The hotel will officially open its doors to its first guests on 4 April 2019, but reservations can be made online here. Rates start at 14,900 yen (US$134, RM549) per night.

Muji Hotel Ginza / ムジホテル銀座
A: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-3-5, 6th floor

(Source: SoraNews24, Photos: Muji Hotel Ginza)