Team FEMALE’s Digital Detox Diary: Yoga In The Wild With Under Armour

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Day 3

The day starts with another morning yoga session, which I skip (again). I still don’t feel well, but the meds from the doctor help. By the time I wake up, there’s just enough time to eat breakfast, pack, and shower before we have to set off for the airport.

As I bid Sarawak, the lovely people at Cove 55 and Under Armour farewell, I reflect on my attempt at living a digital-free life.

At one point I was so desperate for something to do with the spotty WiFi connection, I scored my best ever high score in Google Chrome’s dinosaur game.

The Verdict: While my digital-free mission didn’t exactly work out, I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. This new insight into why social media is so addictive and how easy it is to fall into a rut of scrolling mindlessly through your phone (It takes less mental focus than even watching TV or playing a game!) has made me more mindful about how I use my phone.

The trip made me realise that picking up my phone for a scroll through social media can feel like the easiest, most satisfying thing to do in the moment, but making the conscious effort to say no to the phone and do almost anything else – reading a book, practicing a craft, even making progress in a video game – would leave me feeling more fulfilled.

Check out how Web Writer Alya fared with her digital-free forest retreat here! Or let us know if you’ve ever attempted a digital-free life by dropping us a message here.

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