Next stop: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel!

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Last month, Arielle Yen got to stay at the Bangkok Mariott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel and enjoyed special perks that only Marriott Rewards members receive. Here’s why she’d recommend this place to everyone.

“Usually when I travel, I’m a fairly simple kind of girl when it comes to accommodations. As long as there’s a clean, functional bathroom, air conditioning and a comfy pillow, I’m good to go. At the same time, I’m not one to turn down an amazing opportunities that come by to stay somewhere new (who would?) – so when I found out I would be staying at the brand new Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park I obviously jumped at the chance.

The hotel itself isn’t exactly new. It used to be the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, originally the largest hotel in Bangkok. As the Bangkok Marriott Marquis, it still holds that title. There are two towers, North and South, which are connected by three floors (the lobby, fourth and ninth). There are also two swimming pools, just in case one wasn’t enough!

When I arrived on a rainy Wednesday morning, after being greeted by the lovely staff and given a refreshing coconut drink, I was shown to my room.


Calling it a ‘room’ might be slightly insulting, as I actually found myself in one of the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel’s M Suites, which came complete with living room, two flat-screen TVs, massive bathroom and a bed that could probably fit three or four. The walls in every room are adorned with Thai scripture that I found out is actually poetry written by the Thai queen, influenced by folklore character Kinnaree. I really like how Thai culture is infused into the hotel, giving it a sense of local personality despite being such a huge global brand.

The first thing I did upon entering my suite (besides gobble down the delicious Thai snacks very kindly gifted by the hotel)? Take a bubble bath!

The bathroom in question is huge, with a glass window that overlooks into the bedroom – though if you are sharing your suite but would prefer privacy, you can draw the shade. The only minor issue I had with such a big bathroom was that going from toilet to shower to bathroom sink and back was a little bit troublesome #firstworldproblems. The bed, as expected, was heaven. All in all, staying in the suite felt like having my own luxury apartment!

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