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Photo: Flytographer

Founded in 2013 and based in Canada, this online marketplace connects travellers with local photographers in 6 different continents (KL included!). I first stumbled upon this website when I was scrolling through Lauren Conrad’s website. One click led to another and I soon went from reading about home makeovers to a story about the type of vacations that deserve professional photos.

Which then made me start thinking about all the times I could have used a professional photographer (e.g. a friend’s bachelorette party in Langkawi, anniversary getaway in Bali and family trip to Canada), and it puzzles me how I didn’t find out about this sooner!

So just like what I did with SweetEscape, I submitted a request for my preferred shoot date, and within a day, the team from Flytographer got back to me with the name of my assigned photographer – Dipan Desai. The process was similar whereby I got to discuss the shoot details with Dipan (this time via Whatsapp) and he gave his tips on where we could shoot based on my preference.

To be honest, I was really nervous due to my socially-awkward nature. Turns out, not only was Dipan the nicest guy to talk to, he also became a semi-tour guide, giving me a list on the best museums to visit and the best food to eat around LA. Besides that, he even shared stories on his past shoots with families, couples and unforgettable ones that involved a surprise proposal! Ladies, if you’re reading this and you know that your boyfriend is about to propose, please start hinting that you want a photographer present. I mean, it IS a moment you’ll want to remember forever, am I right?

Because I’ve always wanted to see the Hollywood sign, Dipan suggested shooting at the Griffith Observatory as I’ll get to see both the sign and the panoramic views of the city.

Overall, I would definitely recommend hiring a vacation photographer the next time you’re on a holiday. Just imagine: no more ‘selfies’, no more ‘wefies’, no more boyfriends-getting-agitated-after-four-takes, no more “MUUMMM, you covered the lens with your finger AGAIN”. It’s basically the perfect solution for all your travel needs!

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