6 Cool Bars We’d Love To Visit In 2018

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3. The Literary Terrace & Bar

Just like how it appears to be in typical English movies, The Literary Terrace & Bar is a place you need to visit if you’ve always had a thing for gardens in your life. Known to be one of the best Taormina bars in Sicily, this place is famous for its cool Bellini, a type of cocktail that’s made from sparkling wine and peach puree or nectar.  You can either choose to sit outside and have a scenic view of the 19th-century winter garden or you can sit inside and gaze at the Sicilian interior setting that’s made from antique furniture and filled with delicate carpentry work. No doubt, this will definitely take you back in time.

Address: Via Teatro Greco 59, 98039 Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Website: Belmond.com

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