6 Perfect Honeymoon Destinations For Every Kind Of Couple

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2. For the couple who adores romance

Photography: shutterbugtraveller.com

Where you can go: Japan, Istanbul, Austria, Norway and Czech Republic

Forget France, these are the five new countries you need to visit to make your love story feel like a fairytale. Be it spring or winter, there’s always something romantic to see in each of these countries. If you’re willing to spend, splurge by staying at the best hotels just so you can enjoy the special privileges that come with the honeymoon package.

Tip! Pre-wedding honeymoons are something some couples do just to help them relax before their big day. If you’re considering this, then why not have your pre-wedding pictures done simultaneously? Hire a local photographer, extend your holiday by a few more days and you’ll save loads of cash!

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