5 Most Unique Airbnb Homes In Malaysia

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In search of your next unique gateway? Celebrate Airbnb’s 10th birthday and check out these five local Airbnb Homes listings that are bound to give you a new experience!

“Did you stay at a hotel or an Airbnb?”

Just ten years ago, that question would have made no sense whatsover.

Since Airbnb’s early beginnings in 2008, the host community has been providing unparalleled ways to explore new destinations. Airbnb hosts do not only help their guests feel a sense of belonging but many around the world have created unique spaces that are as exciting to discover as the destinations.

In celebration of Airbnb’s 10th birthday, Airbnb unveils five unique local Airbnb Homes listings in Malaysia.

1. SARAWAK: Mendung Escape Private Bedroom

Best for couples or even a little “alone-time”, enjoy a retreat to nature where you can also go on a hike. This beautiful listing in Borneo is perfect for you to relax and escape the city’s hustle and bustle. But nothing great comes easily, you will have to hike 700 meters up to earn your perfect escape.

Mendung Escape Private Bedroom

Location: Bau, Sarawak

Price: RM250 per night (Sleeps 2)

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