4 Reasons Why You Should Splurge And Make The St. Regis Jingan Your Next City Retreat

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Photo credit goes to my darling butler whom I would like to thank for being patient and for not laughing at my weird cliché poses.

Okay, so here’s the thing: I’ve never been to Shanghai, so you can obviously imagine the list of things I had in mind to see and explore during my stay. Unfortunately, I completed nothing on that list because I chose to stay in instead. Don’t judge, cos trust me when I say you probably would to if you were in my shoes.

The St. Regis Shanghai Jingan’s 370 exquisitely styled guest rooms, 66 suites and 55 residences boast sweeping city views, allowing guests to experience Shanghai’s energy from the comfort of their own space.

My large and luxurious room came with a bathroom big enough to fit a family of five, a dressing table Queen Elizabeth II would be proud of and an incredible panoramic view of Shanghai’s city skyline. As soon as I lay down on the soft and comfy king-sized bed, I knew I was never going to get up.

You’d be glad to know that the St. Regis Jingan’s bathroom comes with Japanese toilets too! Perfect during my stay since it was during the winter because the seats were always warm!

One of my fave moments from the stay was when I left the room for breakfast and came back to a tidy room and a big bowl of fresh fruits staring back at me.

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