4 Myths About Budget Travelling debunked!

We dispel four common travel presumptions making the rounds.


MYTH #1: Backpackers and hostels are mostly for students who’re broke.


FACT: Cheap accommodation does not necessarily mean trashy. Most hostels offer private rooms with en-suite bathrooms at decent rates. Check out websites like hostelworld.com, hostelbookers.com or hostels.com for rooms that will let you get the most bang for your buck.

MYTH #2: Advance booking = cheaper tickets

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FACT: Not necessarily. According to Business Times, the best time to book a flight is six to seven weeks before flying, while research carried out by cheapair.com found that this time frame also increases your chances of getting cheaper rates on domestic flights. So, if you want to go on a mid-year vacay, book away!

MYTH #3: Duty free is the way to go.

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FACT: It’s only true for alcohol and cigarettes. For other items, prices vary, depending on the country and currency used. Do your homework and compare prices – you might find that your local retailer sells your fave cosmetics and fragrances for much cheaper, after all.

MYTH #4: Flight-and-hotel combo deals are a rip-off.

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FACT: Thanks to technology, this is no longer the case. With the launch of travel booking websites like airasiago.com.my and traveloka.com, you can cross-check flight and hotel details, and then select the best travel dates, before handing over your credit card details. By seeing how much you have to spend, you get to snag the best savings!

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