Your 2018 Travel Guide According To The Chinese Zodiac

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1. If You’re Born in the Year of the Dog

Your zodiac travel buddies: Tiger, Rabbit or Horse

Kalimantan, Borneo

This is your year, grab your best buddies and plan for a great getaway! Experience Japanese culture by flying to Kyoto, Japan. Immerse yourself in the formal capital city and indulge in the rich culture and visit historic temples and castles enveloped in lush greenery. Don’t forget to sample the freshest sushi and sashimi there too!

A bit more closer to home, why not visit Kalimantan, Indonesia? This breathtaking destination is home to famous heritage sites, islands, and national parks. We recommend visiting these spots for an unforgettable journey – Balikpapan, a city and launchpad to dive sites; Maratau Island, for swimming in clear waters and with sea turtles; Banjarmasin, a cultural city facing Gunung Meraratus; and Pontianak, the equatorial city. Indulge in local delights for a real Kalimantan experience.

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