You Can Now Share Your Spotify Jams On Instagram Stories

An easier way to share your song of the moment!

I love seeing what my friends are listening to. The simple screenshot of a friend’s Now Playing on Spotify always makes me feel a little closer to them, just knowing what music they’re currently loving. But to listen to the track, I’d have to open my own Spotify app, remember what song they shared, search for it and hit play.

Not the most convenient, tbh.

Now there’s a nifty new way to let your friends in on what you’re listening to. Spotify’s new Share to Instagram Stories feature will let you easily post whatever you’re listening to on Spotify to your Instagram Story!

How to share from Spotify to Instagram Stories

How to share from Spotify to Instagram Stories.

When listening to a song on Spotify, hit the ellipses (…) from the Now Playing screen. Tap the Share option, and select Instagram Stories. Spotify will automatically create a Story-ready visual that you can post to your Story or share privately with your friends through the Instagram Direct messaging feature. To my delight, you can even share entire playlists this way. (It does not, sadly, use any custom art covers you may have given your playlists.)

What sharing Spotify to Instagram used to look like, before and after!

And when your friends see your Story, they’ll be able to tap a “Play on Spotify” button in the top left corner to listen to the music in the Spotify app straight away. Easy! Instagram says each track shared will unlock custom cover art stickers, but this doesn’t seem to be working for me. Until then, the default stickers and gifs work just fine.

The Share to Instagram Stories feature should be available for all iOS and Android users of the Spotify mobile app, starting today. If you don’t see the option yet, update both apps and wait a bit as they roll out the feature globally.