The Vivo V7+ Will Change Your Selfie Game Forever

Could this be the way to the best selfies ever? 

Vivo’s latest flagship phone, the Vivo V7+ has landed in Malaysia and it’s all about the selfie! If you needed convincing on that, take a look at its whopping 24MP front camera– that’s more megapixels than its 16MP rear camera! But there’s more to a good camera than its megapixel count, and vivo sure backs it up with an impressive range of features.

close up of  the Vivo V7+ handphone

Perfect Lighting All The Time

The Selfie Softlight feature creates the perfect selfie even in all light conditions, even during video calls! There’s also an LED flash for crystal-clear snaps to capture you in your best light without any more blurry shots.

Intelligent Beautifying Filters

It’s easier than ever now to retouch your photos. The beautifying Face Beauty 7.0 filter comes with a slew of smart settings to perfect your selfies just the way you like it. And get this, just like the Selfie Softlight, it even works in real-time during video calls.

Portrait Mode

And if you really want your selfies to pop with a professional studio-like quality, there’s always Portrait Mode, which blurs the background while keeping the subject sharp to mimic the nice depth-of-field effect you get from professional DSLR portraits.

A Really Big Screen

Bezel-less phones are the way to go with phones nowadays, and the V7+ comes close with its impressive FullViewTM Display. While not completely bezel-free, the bezel is tiny and makes everything on screen look gorgeous. All the better to browse through your gallery of selfies with!

To see the kind of selfies the V7+ can produce, check out their Instagram account.

The vivo V7+ is available in Crown Gold and Matte Black and retails for RM1,499.

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