FEMALE Tries: Two Great Cameras For Travel

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Deciding on a new camera can be tough, which is why we’ve gone ahead and did the job for you by narrowing down two of our fave travel cameras!

1. Sony α6500

Price: RM6,499

Reviewed by Sarah Hani Jamil, Beauty Editor

“When I was looking for a camera to bring on my work trip to US, I wanted one that was well-built, offers great performance and came with a variety of shooting options. The α6500 seemed to tick the right boxes with all the amazing features it offered. At first glance, the camera comes with a compact body; however I didn’t take into account of the interchangeable lens’ size, which turned out to be too bulky for travelling.

That being said, the camera takes amazing, clear photos at 24 megapixels, which allowed me to capture zoomed-in shots without losing its quality (yes, that pimple is very much visible!). It also comes with a five-axis in-body image stabilisation function that makes the camera steady and capture sharp images even during action-packed activities – no doubt came in handy during my trip to the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Recording videos was also an easy-peasy task! Looking at the high-quality videos I took, it’s almost as if I’m transported back to the places I visited.

One of the challenges I faced with the camera was that the batteries drained quickly. Being a heavy-duty camera, I feel that this is understandable yet the one thing that needs to be improved on. Overall, it’s a worthy investment if you’re into professional photography!”

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