FEMALE Tries: HP Sprocket Photo Printer

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Here’s why we think this nifty pocket-sized printer is going to be your best travel companion come 2018!

Photo: winstonandwillow.com

#NewYearNewYou remember? So here’s a challenge, why not make 2018 the year you start documenting your travels for real? You know, instead of just keeping all your pictures stored in your phone or on social media. Have them printed out and start a travel journal or scrapbook because even if it’s not for yourself, i’m pretty sure it’ll end up being the perfect gift for that special someone.

My family has a tradition of going on vacations together each year. And every time we get back to Malaysia, my mother will show me her puppy-dog eyes, hinting at how much of a hassle it is to look through the pictures on her smart phone. That it’s “so hard to reminisce on the memories or show others when it’s all stored in this temporary device”. Her words, not mine. However, just to put a smile on her face, I would still find time to compile all the pictures we took and turn them into a photo book that will allow her to grab it off our coffee table and flip through them whenever she wanted.

So just like the past few years of doing so, it was time for me to deliver once again. But this time, I’ve decided to switch things up a little with the help of my new HP Sprocket!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this new device does, here’s a quick summary:

The HP Sprocket is an instant photo printer that allows its users to create 2×3″ stick-able snapshots from virtually anywhere.

Sounds cool doesn’t it? Not only that, it’s literally smaller than my phone (though thicker in width), making it perfect for me to just carry around in my handbag whenever I want – be it for a dinner date or holiday!

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