A Day In Melbourne, Australia With The Canon EOS M10!

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I took this compact travel-friendly camera to Melbourne, and here’s what I managed to capture!

Melbourne has, once again, just been voted ‘most liveable city’ for the seventh year running by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Liveability Index: it’ll come as no surprise to most of you who have visited the eastern Australian city. It is, after all, the ultimate food haven (I can never see brunch anywhere else the same way again), as well as a hotpot of culture, art, history and nature. So when I travelled there last month, it made sense for me to capture as much of my adventure there as possible! Now, I’m not much of a photography expert – most of my travel pics are snapped on my trusty iPhone 6. But a girl doesn’t say no when given the chance to review a new camera!

Hello Melbourne!

The camera in question? The Canon EOS M10, which comes with a bunch of nifty features including, but not limited to: a touch screen; auto mode; special modes to capture portrait, night scenes and food, amongst others; adjustable lens with manual focus just in case you’d prefer to have more control over your snaps; and video recording mode. Like I said, I’m no photography genius, but I thought I’d give both manual and auto modes a go!

Photo: B&H

I decided to create a visual photo diary for one of the days I spent in Melbourne (if I posted my whole trip, we might be here a while!), so click on to see what I got up to!

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