How to Add Comfort to Your Living Room

You’ll look forward to those late weeknights and lazy weekends with these must-have items!

The most tempting place in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be your bedroom. Leave it for those snooze fests and let your living room become your comfort zone instead with these essentials!


A Big Comfy Chair

Imagine rainy days with the black box or a good book. A cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea. Soft (or loud, if you prefer) music playing in the background. Ah, the simple joys of life as you sit back and relax. Make it all come together by investing in an armchair so comfortable, it’ll make your bed jealous. Just be sure to choose one that is easy to maintain. A good tip is to pick one with a removable dry-clean cover, which would usually mean you can also easily change its ‘look’ with different covers!



Cushions and Covers

You’ve got the ‘platform’ for your body to relax in, now you need some accessories and what could be better than plush cushions! While looks isn’t everything, pretty accessories definitely help in making your living room a sight for sore eyes. Just like how you used to enjoy playing dress up with your dolls, you can do the same for your home items. We’re loving this ramie-made (a hard wearing natural material) cushion cover from IKEA for its earthy vibe. Go green!

TRY: MALIN FIGUR cushion cover, RM24.90, IKEA


On the Bench 

Of course, you’ll need a place to put your trusty TV but if you’re looking to make your room appear soft and inviting, keeping it simple might be the key. Choose a TV bench that uses tempered glass and metal to give it an open, airy feel. This particular one even comes with self-adhesive cable clips to keep your cords in place and out of sight! What’s more, its ‘feet’ are adjustable and will stand steady even on an uneven floor.


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